You have found... YOUR community.

Where Christian women find the support and education they need to find food freedom through their faith. 

Has "what to eat" become a major source of stress in your life?
Do you long to improve your diet but overwhelm wins time and time again?
Are you tired of turning to food instead of God for comfort but you don't know how to stop?

We live in a world that is bombarded with mixed messages about diets, exercise, and how we are "supposed" to look. One moment we're being told to "stop eating carbs" and the next we're served free bread at the restaurant. It can feel like we've lost before we've started.

But, my guess is that you have started. Probably more than once.

You jumped on the latest diet trend only to find yourself heavier and unhappier in your body and in your relationship with food.

You pray for help because you know in your heart that God truly cares about every detail of your life, but you're lost about how to apply Biblical wisdom to your diet.

It's all too much...


But, there is GREAT HOPE.

Imagine... knowing God's will for YOUR diet. You're confident in what you are doing and you're not swayed by every bandwagon.

Imagine... being consistent in your health and fitness efforts because you've learned what healthy habits work for YOU and they've become your "new normal."

Imagine... finding food freedom through your relationship with God as you glean practical wisdom from His Word specifically for YOU.

Introducing your Grace Filled Plate Membership!

The Grace Filled Plate Membership is an online education and support community of Christian women looking to put their faith into their food choices.

In the Grace Filled Plate Membership, you will:

➤ Learn how to make healthy changes in your diet without feeling deprived because you have a greater purpose.

 Find the confidence to try again, even if you are petrified of another failure.

➤ Uncover why diets have failed you in the past so that you can stop that dreaded cycle in its tracks.

 Find personalized practical application from the Word of God to unlock the food freedom you know God has for you.

➤ Learn how to sneak up on BIG results by making small changes that matter.

If you are ready to make a change, for GOOD, become a member and embrace a healthy life God's way.


Connect with like-minded Christian women who want to learn, grow, celebrate, and pray with you! 


Find the information and education  you need to move forward confidently towards your goals. 


By putting your faith before your food, fitness, and how you look, you'll finally have a solid foundation to build upon. 


The Grace Filled Plate Membership is for the Christian woman who's looking to put God first in every area of her life.

✔️If you're tired of diets that leave you worse off than when you started and you're ready to embrace a new approach (but you need some support...) this membership is for YOU.

✔️ If even though you're a bit nervous, it's clear to you that what you've been doing has not been working. If you believe that when you live the Word, you will be successful.... this membership is for YOU.

✔️If you're willing to put quick (and temporary) weight loss aside and focus on making changes that will last a lifetime... this membership is for YOU.


The Grace Filled Plate Membership is NOT for the woman who is:

Looking for a quick fix. Weight loss is so important to her that she overlooks the negative diet side effects. 

Not ready to put God first in every area of her life. That being said, if you want to make God first, but your actions often say otherwise, you're totally welcome (and will fit right in) here!

Not willing to look beneath the surface. She's only concerned about her outward behavior and has no desire to get to the root of the problem. 



  • A 3-week foundational workshop that will show you how to connect your values to your goals so that you're only pursuing that which truly matters to you. We'll talk about habit change and determine which healthy changes will suit you best.
  • Weekly check-ins where you evaluate how your last week went and choose your next week's focus (I'll be there to support you every step of the way).
  • An ever expanding library of workshops including managing stress, limiting beliefs, nutrition, navigating slips, and body image. Each workshop includes audio recordings, written materials, worksheets and Bible study (everyone's favorite part).
  • Live coaching calls with Brandice every other week where you can get answers and direction.
  • A private forum and Facebook community with like-minded Christian women who will encourage, pray for, and inspire you.
  • And much more!

You'll have a soft place to land where you can find the gentle guidance and unconditional love (and the occasional push) to reach your goals!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Grace Filled Plate Membership will cost less than $30 a month. You'll make payment through the website I use to host the membership, Teachable, and recurring payments will be charged to your credit card automatically. You may cancel anytime.

After purchasing your membership, you'll be directed to a "thank you" page where you can log into your account right away.

You'll also receive a welcome email from me with details about how to navigate your membership.

Your Grace Filled Plate Membership only takes as much time as YOU want it to. We have a weekly check-in thread in our Facebook group, and there's a "buffet" of workshops you can take but you don't need to do them all. Simply choose the topics you need each month.

Our calls will be recorded so you if you can't make it, you'll be able to watch them on your own time.

This membership was birthed out of the Healthy Habit Planner. I saw the women using it who checked in with me and applied what the planner taught excel, and I wanted to help other women recreate that experience!

The membership is ever-growing. If you need a resource or would like to see a specific workshop, just let me know and I'll do my best to make it happen.

The magic is in the community! When I taught my 10-week masterclass, I saw that relationships began to bloom around week 7. By having an ongoing membership, we're able to better grow as a community!


Are you ready to finally put God first and be led by what the Holy Spirit has for your "diet"?

Are you ready for more of God and less of you?

If you're IN, join us today for the Grace Filled Plate Membership and let this be the year that everything changes!


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